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30 Days of Justis (Michael Gresham Series Book 8)


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She’s a daughter he didn’t know he had. Until she calls him…from death row.

From USA Today bestselling creator John Ellsworth comes another book so thrilling the pages all but turn themselves. Written as a standalone novel.

Michael Gresham meets his lost daughter, Cache, in her prison cell. She is scheduled for execution in 30 days. Her other lawyers have given up; there is nothing left to do. On a hunch, Michael reviews ancient records. He is astonished at what he finds. He goes before the appeals court. The lawyers at the other table hammer him; the judges pursue him. He leaves with a heavy heart. With gathering speed, the days tick past.

30 Days of Justis is the story of a frantic father who happens to be a lawyer–but is he lawyer enough to save his child? Will there be a last minute call? Or is he in Cache’s life only as the last face she sees before it goes dark? A psychological thriller? Yes, definitely. A legal thriller? Yes, definitely. And so much more.

From American Institute for Justice: Most engaging legal thriller of 2018 – destined to develop into #1 on Amazon Bestsellers charts. John Ellsworth has written the definitive novel about a young woman on death row in Washington State. She is 28 years old and knows only that she has a father she’s never met. His name is Michael Gresham. He is a lawyer.

From San Francisco Review of Books: This is the first John Ellsworth novel this reader has explored. It is so convincingly written – not only the spot on legal aspects, but also the fascinating characters he paints and involves in his complex plot – that it serves as a fine aperitif for his output. This man writes very well indeed.

Readers say:

“Near the end I used to be in tears and started crying even more when ……… I will be able to not spoil the end for you. Read the book and discover all the frustration and twist and turns as told by a master storyteller and a very good lawyer. I cannot wait for the next book.” – AMZ. Reader

“John Ellsworth, you actually did outdo yourself on this one. Can’t go mistaken reading ’30 Days Of Justis.'” – AMZ. Reader

“Beautifully written story. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop till the end.” – AMZ. Reader

“Wow. Just WOW! I loved this book! John, you’ve outdone yourself! I used to be in reality holding my breath, with tears in my eyes, in the last chapter. Well done…SO well done!” – AMZ. Reader

“I have been a John Ellsworth fan for several years and all the time look forward to a new book from one of my favourite authors. This latest Michael Gresham, legal thriller is a page turner from page one to the totally unexpected finish.” – AMZ. Reader

“An awesome work by the creator. Somewhat possibly his most spellbinding yet. The life and times of Michael Gresham continues in this newest episode. In a captivating and intriguing storyline, Gresham finds himself in a struggle to free a daughter he just found out he has. In a thirty day span he confronts a wide ranging set of issues. The creator’s brilliant use of days instead chapter numbers keeps you on the right track of the impending countdown.A challenging tale of a death penalty case, will have you glued to the book right to the end.” – AMZ. Reader

“Just when I think John cannot get any better, he shows me I’m mistaken! This newest Michael Gresham book is a nail-biter from start to finish. John introduces a new character and boy what a good one! It didn’t end like I used to be expecting…John keeps you guessing on this one. Probably his best Michael Gresham book this far!” – AMZ. Reader

“30 Days Of Justis is the best of John Ellsworth’s books I have read, and I have read them all. It took me less than a day to read. I could not put it down.” – AMZ. Reader

USA Today Bestsellers’ list (December 15, 2016 USA Today)
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