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How Essential Are Golf Trolleys?

How Essential are Golf Trolleys?

Golf trolleys are very useful pieces of kit to have out on the green. They make it much easier to transport your clubs around than carrying them in a bag, especially if you have a lot of clubs to carry.

In short, they make things that bit easier and leave you feeling a little more like you are simply free to enjoy the game. But are they really essential, as opposed to simply nice-to-have? In the strict sense the answer would be “no,” but when you consider a few important factors you may find that golf trolleys are so useful as to be practically necessary for a complete set of golfing equipment.

Investment for the Future

If you are a serious golfer who has built up a complete set of high-quality kit, you will probably not need telling how useful golf trolleys can be. When you have a comprehensive range of clubs and kits to carry, a golf trolley is pretty much the only practical way to carry it through a complete eighteen hole game.

If you are not quite such a seasoned player and are currently in the process of building up your kit collection, on the other hand you may be unsure. However, if you intend to buy more kit in the future, it is likely that golf trolleys will start to look pretty indispensable sooner or later. Buying one now will mean you are already prepared, and will deliver some solid benefits in the meantime for a relatively low cost.

Save Your Shoulders

Modern golf bags and even clubs can be very lightweight, but eighteen holes is still a long way to carry something heavy and awkward!

Even a few clubs in a lightweight bag with comfort straps can start to be felt in your shoulders before the round is over. This can be uncomfortable and detract from your enjoyment of what should be a nice round of golf. Discomfort in your shoulders can even compromise the quality of your swing. A golf trolley will make it easy and almost effortless to wheel your clubs around the course, averting the whole problem. Your enjoyment and the quality of your game will not be compromised.

Save Your Energy

It’s not just the physical discomfort in your shoulders that you need to worry about when lugging a golf bag around. Even if you manage to keep your shoulders relatively unfazed, carrying all your equipment around can sap your energy, and particularly fatigue your arms. Even if you don’t realise it, this can also hamper your performance when it comes to actually playing the game and it can also leave you more exhausted at the end of the day.

Good-quality golf trolleys are built to glide effortlessly over even those courses that have varied and challenging terrain. This requires less effort and energy on your part, preserving your performance when it comes to making a swing. Between this and the lack of shoulder pain, a good golf trolley can actually improve your performance.

At the end of the day you want to be at peak performance out on the green so do the right thing, give yourself the best chance by investing in a trolley that will make your life easier. With eighteen holes to get around you will be truly glad that you made the investment!

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