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10 Sure Fire Ways To Lower Your Golf Handicap

10 sure fire ways to lower your Golf handicap

Regardless of whether you are a weekend player or aspiring Golf professional, there is a very good chance you will want to improve your game. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and usually feels like a never-ending uphill struggle! But in addition to selling and supplying a range of Golfing attire and accessories, Golf Shop also wants to help our customers in any way we can, which includes offering up 10 sure fire ways to lower your handicap! 1. Visit the driving range on a regular basis Every round of golf starts with your tee shot, so this seems like a logical place to begin the proceedings. And what better way to improve your initial swing than visiting your local driving range on a regular basis. Repetitive swings should help you to really get into the groove and increase your overall consistency whilst you are out on the greens.…

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The biggest and best golf club brands

Regardless of whether you are a casual Golf player or aspiring tour professional, having a set of top quality and long-lasting golf clubs will be your top priority. In addition to improving your game, and reducing your handicap, the right driver or iron can increase enjoyment levels too, as you’ll stand a better chance of nailing the perfect shot every time! But with so many different options available, choosing the right brand for your Golfing style and individual requirements can be a tough decision. You may want to pick a familiar name that has been associated with the sport for many years, or opt for an up and coming manufacturer favoured by one of the young pros. Here is our quick guide to some famous Golfing Brands:- Callaway Even though this is today a world-famous golf brand, it was only made possible originally by the profits made from founder Ely…

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Golf fashion guide – How to look good on the course this summer

Despite the fact golf is viewed by some as a rather unfashionable sport, the game’s biggest names will surely disagree. Players like Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy and Luke Donald have demonstrated that this age-old pastime can be rather stylish. But as you’re no doubt aware, fashion trends come and go, and keeping up with the latest in-vogue attire can be a little tricky. Thankfully, golf apparel companies such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Stromberg have got their finger on the pulse and continue to bring out new collections in line with what professionals are wearing on the tour. Familiar items of clothing such as corduroy pants and lambs wool jumpers have been shown the door and are being replaced by hi-tech materials and innovations such as ClimaCool, Dri-Fit and GoreTex. Understanding what these terms refer to isn’t essential, but if you want to look good on the course, you…

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What to consider when buying golf shoes

Having a comfortable and well fitting pair of shoes is absolutely essential if you want to enjoy a round of golf. Although buggies enable you to cruise round the course in style, most players prefer to walk and the average golfer takes 12,000 steps while making his or her way round 18 holes. But in addition to comfort, golf shoes need to help with performance as well. Slipping on the fairway while taking your swing and getting wet feet when hitting out of the rough are things every golfer will want to avoid, so traction and durability are other factors to take into account. So, with these fundamental attributes in mind, here is what to consider when buying golf shoes. Types of shoe Even though you can get golf boots and sandals nowadays, there are generally two types of shoe to choose from. Spiked or Cleated - This is very…

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Performance and style – Nike golf clothing

Even though the majority of golfers want to look good on the course, being comfortable is arguably more important. On top of that, you’ll no doubt have dress codes to adhere to and want your choice of golf clothing to stand the test of time. But as one of the world’s leading sportswear manufacturers, Nike is bound to have everything your heart desires. Not only does Nike boast an impressive range of vests, jackets, trousers and footwear, all of this carefully designed apparel has been made to perform under pressure and bear up against adverse weather conditions. It is little wonder then that Nike golf clothing is worn by some of the game’s leading players. But how are style and performance achieved? Vests and jackets When it comes to outerwear, clothing designers work alongside the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab to create insulated jackets that allow the body to…

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Adidas Golf Shoes

Why do you Need Adidas Golf Shoes?

There is one particular brand that has become synonymous, over the years, with true greatness in sporting achievements. That brand is Adidas. They are particularly famous for making the highest quality sportswear and equipment available to both sportsmen and sportswomen across the globe, especially when it comes to sporting footwear. Their golf shoes are an important part of their range, and can be just as vital a part of the serious golfer's wardrobe as any other clothing item or piece of technical Golfing equipment! Why Golf Shoes? Golf shoes can seriously improve your experience on the course, and for many serious golfers they are right up there with clubs and balls on the list of essential equipment. They provide improved grip on the course, which makes it easy to play and make your way across all 18 holes in any weather, up-hill and down-hill! They also help you to plant…

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Nike Golf Shoes

The Things That Make Nike Golf Shoes Great

The right footwear can be a big boon for the serious golfer who wants to get the best experience out of every hole on every course. Specialist golf shoes will help to enhance your playing experience and could even improve your game. There are many great, high-quality brands on the market, but even so, Nike golf shoes manage to stand out head and shoulders above pretty well all of the other offerings around today! But what makes Nike golf shoes so great? There are a number of things which go into their position as some of the finest golf shoes available today. Let’s take a sneak peak at what makes this brand so great. Great for Grip Firstly, their golf shoes use tough, modern plastic spikes designed to give the greatest grip on the ground. These are arranged into the most effective configurations to ensure that your feet remain steady…

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Golf Trollies

How Essential are Golf Trolleys?

Golf trolleys are very useful pieces of kit to have out on the green. They make it much easier to transport your clubs around than carrying them in a bag, especially if you have a lot of clubs to carry. In short, they make things that bit easier and leave you feeling a little more like you are simply free to enjoy the game. But are they really essential, as opposed to simply nice-to-have? In the strict sense the answer would be "no," but when you consider a few important factors you may find that golf trolleys are so useful as to be practically necessary for a complete set of golfing equipment. Investment for the Future If you are a serious golfer who has built up a complete set of high-quality kit, you will probably not need telling how useful golf trolleys can be. When you have a comprehensive range…

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Golf Trousers

Reasons to Choose Adidas Golf Trousers

Adidas are one of the most well-known sportswear brands on the planet. They provide an extensive range of clothing for countless different sports, and they have a reputation for combining high-quality, practicality and sound fashion sense. Adidas golf trousers embody this reputation perfectly, and there are a number of reasons you should consider them for your wardrobe. A Complete Range The Adidas brand represents one of the most complete golf trouser ranges on the market today. Golf trousers need different features for different situations. For example, in the rain you need trousers that offer complete waterproofing and will help you to stay warm and dry throughout your game. In the summer, you need the opposite; breathable trousers that will keep you cool and will not get sticky with sweat. They offer an extremely wide range of products, to suit every type of golfer and all kinds of conditions. Whatever type…

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