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10 Sure Fire Ways To Lower Your Golf Handicap

10 sure fire ways to lower your Golf handicap

Regardless of whether you are a weekend player or aspiring Golf professional, there is a very good chance you will want to improve your game. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and usually feels like a never-ending uphill struggle!

But in addition to selling and supplying a range of Golfing attire and accessories, Golf Shop also wants to help our customers in any way we can, which includes offering up 10 sure fire ways to lower your handicap!

1. Visit the driving range on a regular basis

Every round of golf starts with your tee shot, so this seems like a logical place to begin the proceedings. And what better way to improve your initial swing than visiting your local driving range on a regular basis. Repetitive swings should help you to really get into the groove and increase your overall consistency whilst you are out on the greens.

2. Don’t forget about your short game

Even if you manage to perfect the art of hitting a straight and true drive, you will still need to get your ball in the hole too. So, don’t forget about your short game and practice putting for 15 minutes before or after a round whenever you can do so!

3. Have the right equipment

In addition to owing a set of clubs in good condition, you should also make sure your drivers and irons are the right size. According to a case study by Golf Digest, eight out of nine players gained 1.7 strokes after getting fitted for clubs, so it can make a huge amount of difference. Everyone is different and there really is no one size fits all solution out there when it comes to selecting the clubs that are right for you.

4. Stay fit and healthy

For many players, golf is a very leisurely and relaxing pursuit, which provides enough of a workout in itself. But those wanting to lower their golf handicap should have an exercise regime in place that focuses on improving flexibility and building core strength. If you are relatively fit then your swing and gait will be improved thereby helping your overall game to improve.

5. Don’t be afraid to go it alone

Golf is a great social activity and can be beneficial for building business contacts too, which is why some strive to play the game. But by getting out there on your own, you will have no other distractions and can truly discover where and how to improve upon your technique.

6. Don’t be afraid of adverse weather either

By learning to play in strong winds and wet conditions, you will become a much more adaptable and capable player. You may even have the entire course to yourself as well. Just make sure that you are wearing suitable all-weather Golf clothing so that you remain comfortable and can perform well out on the course during inclement weather conditions. A golf trolley, such as those provided by the likes of Clicgear and PowaKaddy should help to take the strain away if you are out in a hurricane!

7. Mix it up with your choice of course

You will probably see improvements on your scorecard if you only play at the local course, but this doesn’t exactly enhance your overall game. So, step out of your comfort zone and visit different courses in order to grow as a golfer. If you are always testing yourself to the limits your scorecard will improve.

8. Always keep score

Be honest with the number of fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts per hole. Statistics can show you which areas need focus but also establish future goals to work towards. If you don’t keep an accurate record of past achievements then how can you beat them next time?

9. Capitalise on technology

Some golfers think certain gadgets are a form of cheating, but advances in technology can help you to gain a greater understanding of certain courses and provide some invaluable feedback about your swing, just like a teacher would!

10. Enjoy yourself

Whatever you do, don’t tear your hair out when results don’t always come to fruition. Take a step back and realise why you play golf in the first place – for the pleasure and enjoyment it can provide. For many, simply playing the game is enjoyment enough! If you are happy, relaxed and not stressed whilst out on the greens then you will stand the best chance of all to improve upon your game.

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